Self-Produced (solo)



Vancouver Island Exhibition

Originally created as a street performance and installation, Quinn Harley’s Dream Factory is part carnival midway act, part game show, all hosted by a puppet named Quinn Harley–tiny master of the midway and ancient trickster clown–where ‘everyone wins a prize’ and a clown is created every minute.

Quinn Harley was designed and built by Erin Macklem of Victoria, BC.

Mark Hellman - Quinn Harley's Dream Factory

Butchart Gardens

HIGHLIGHTS (2004-07):

Vancouver Island Children’s Fest (Nanaimo)
Butchart Gardens (Victoria)
Vancouver Island Exhibition (Nanaimo, BC)
Coombs Country Fair (Coombs, BC)
Mountain Arts Festival (Revelstoke, BC)
Fringekids Weekend (Victoria)
Harrison Festival of the Arts (Harrison Lake)

(A short slideshow of Quinn’s first summer)



The World’s Smallest Shakespeare Company was born in 2000, incorporating a puppet used in a previous Shakespeare production in Summerland BC (see Direction/Production), audience participation, and a variety of scenes from Shakespeare, including VENUS AND ADONIS, ROMEO AND JULIET, and A MIDSUMMER NIGHT’S DREAM.

Mark Hellman - World's Smallest Shakespeare Co.

Venus & Adonis

Venus, the Goddess of Love, appears out of a suitcase and chooses audience volunteers to act out various scenes from Shakespeare–volunteers range in age from 12 – 70, male and female.

In VENUS AND ADONIS, the volunteer acts out Adonis’s death scene (killed by the Boar/Jealousy), after which Venus plays her scene of prophesy over the dead body, which is transformed into a flower.  In ROMEO AND JULIET, volunteers help create the balcony for Juliet’s soliloquy.  In MIDSUMMER NIGHT’S DREAM, which can be played in schools and daycare centres, very young volunteers (ages 3-5) are transformed into Titania’s fairy servants(Cobweb, Mustardseed, Peasblossom), and a teacher plays Bottom (in Donkey form), to act out Titania instructing her fairies on how to care for her new Lover.

A very short video, courtesy of two film students who visited Victoria’s Inner Harbour, with music by Winnipeg’s The Ragarmaroons