Applied Arts

APPLIED ARTS refers to an emergent field of study and practice, whereby the tools of the artist are applied to areas outside of the performing arts:  arts in education, arts in community, arts in healthcare, to name a few.  Whether enjoying the therapeutic benefits of self-expression and creativity, or building new skills in communication, problem solving, and critical thinking, or engaging in exercises of public education and community-building, you might say “There’s an app for that!”.

ARTSTARTS Artists in the Classroom Directory

Funding is available to assist in a variety of school-based activities:

Mark Hellman - Artist in the Classroom Directory

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  • short term workshops
  • long term residencies
  • professional development initiatives

Mark has a variety of potential events listed in the AICD, including state of the art approaches to Language Arts development through story telling and Shakespeare, and an exciting new festival format called ‘The Hive’.

Or you can chose to have an event designed to meet unique criteria and objectives. Projects can be classroom-based, delivered to specific grades, or become school-wide events that can, in turn, embrace other aspects of community.  From initial contact and consultations with stakeholders, to funding and planning stages, through to implementation and final documentation, Mark provides a practiced and experienced hand, as well as a soulful and compassionate sensibility to the process of co-creation. (see testimonials)

Currently on the Artstarts AICD web page:

Storytelling and Playmaking  (grades 3 – 8)
Shakespeare for All (grades 3 – 12)
A HIVE of Arts and Culture (grades 1 – 12)

Fees are determined according to the # of hours/days/weeks/months, as well as the proximity of the client to Victoria (Mark’s home base).

Visit the In Education page to see examples of previous projects, resume, etc.

Go to the In Community page for examples of community-based programs.



Whether you are focused on a career in the performing/media arts, rely on your voice at work, or are exploring personal development, Mark offers a compassionate and experienced point of view, and a methodology  adapted to each individual’s unique situation, drawing on thirty years of experience as student, practitioner and teacher to determine and provide a practical, integrated, holistic plan for vocal development.

Mark Hellman - Voice Coach, Acting Teacher

Speaking and singing become complimentary elements that together serve to improve range, clarity and resonance, while fostering greater confidence and a deeper awareness of vocal potential.  Special attention given to the diagnosis and treatment of negative vocal patterns, habits adding to vocal wear & tear, and other ‘impediments’ to an open, free voice.

For a free one-hour consultation: call 250-382-7048, or go to Contact page.

Individual instruction and/or group classes:

Voice in the Classroom (for teachers)
English as a Second Language (ESL)
Media & Corporate Relations
Improvisation & Communication
Playing Shakespeare

Basic Vocal Training (all ages/levels)
Freeing the Actor’s Voice
Audition Preparation
Cartoon Voices for Beginners
Narration & Voiceover